Library Director:  Jeanie Bartel

Children’s Librarian:  Rhiannon Schmidt

Library Assistants:  Tania Sorensen, Sara Major, AJ Driggers

Library Trustees:

Susan Watson, President

Don Ratzlaff, Vice President

Maura Wiebe, Secretary

Brenda Kimberly, Treasurer

Rachel Winter

Shawna Shewey

Lou Thurston, Hillsboro mayor

2 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Jeanie
    Am searching if anyone might have a picture of the old Seventh-day Adventist church that was located at Lehigh, KS but was torn down circa 1943—-other church groups also used in the late yrs of its history. Guessing they don’t have a library at Lehigh? Was the largest church in town circa 1900 and had many members so I am told.
    Would appreciate any help on my research.

    • I will forward your inquiry to the daughter of a former member of that church. Thank you for contacting Hillsboro Public Library.


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