Library Director:  Jeanie Bartel

Children’s Librarian:  Rhiannon Schmidt

Library Assistants:  Tania Sorensen, Sara Major, AJ Driggers

Library Trustees:

Susan Watson, President

Don Ratzlaff, Vice President

Maura Wiebe, Secretary

Brenda Kimberly, Treasurer

Rachel Winter

Shawna Shewey

Lou Thurston, Hillsboro mayor

2 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to make a suggestion as a good resource for figuring out the order of books you may want to link to / bookmark which I use on a regular basis.

    This site:

    Provides comprehensive listings of a huge amount of authors and characters in both publication and chronological order.  They’re also updated daily with all the latest books so the lists are always up to date.

    Good for both readers AND librarians 🙂  I use it daily at work myself.



    • Oops sorry I thought this was a contact form didn’t realize it was leaving a comment! Feel free to delete 🙂 Just wanted to send you an e-mail haha.


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